Welcome to Brazil Bronze Glow Bar. We opened our doors in New York City in 2002 as the first salon ever devoted totally to the art of the perfect fake tan.

Brazil Bronze Glow Bar is located at:
580 Broadway Suite 501
New York,
NY 10012

Tel: (212) 431-0077

Please CALL to make your appointment

Email: (NOT for appointments): sally@brazilbronze.com



When you arrive at Brazil Bronze Glow Bar you will step into a private room and undress. You may wear a pair of disposable spa panties, your own underwear or nothing at all. If you chose to wear your own underwear or swim suit we recommend bringing something black to ensure it will not be discoloured by the self tanning product.

An experienced technician will ask you the kind of color you are hoping to achieve--from a healthy glow, to a light, medium or dark tan. Then, assessing your natural skin color she will tell you if your goal is realistic or what she would suggest. For example--if a pale ivory skinned person wanted to be really dark it would not be recommended--however we would still be able to create a strong medium tan.

We will do our utmost to listen to your preferences.

Your nails will be gently covered in liquid latex to prevent discoloration (this protects your manicure and keeps cuticles clean--it peels right off afterwards.)

If your hair is very pale we may use a shower cap however we are very accurate where we spray and we like to get right into the hairline.

You will stand on a towel (no dirty feet!) while the technician has you turn in different positions and sprays you.

We use our own special equipment and our own self tanning solution. There is no smell, just a cool misting sensation. It takes just a couple of minutes to be sprayed.

You will then step into an adjoining room to dry in front of a fan.

After a few minutes you may put your clothes back on. We suggest wearing something loose and dark not jeans. We say no jeans as denim can be very absorbent and "sucks" the product off the skin.

For ladies we suggest no bra straight afterwards as it can cut into the tan.

Our solution is tinted so when you leave you will already have a pleasantly tanned look. A little of that color can rub off on the inside of your clothes. It will not stain WITH THE EXCEPTION OF LEATHER AND NYLON. So--if you are driving home in the summer you might want to bring a towel to protect leather car seats.

After 12 hours you will take a shower. Do not worry if your tan looks "smooshed"--even if your clothing has "messed up" your tan--do not fear. Allow the water to sheet thoroughly over you--it is this sheeting action that is the final step in making the tan smooth. You will see a tea color running off you--do not be alarmed, this is not the tan washing off, this is merely the tint that the technician used as a color guide, it has to come off, don't worry. Only use soap where necessary and bear in mind that shaving causes the tan to fade quicker.

The resulting color will be very natural--don't be alarmed if it looks too dark before you shower. The first time you come to us it is best to wait twelve hours before showering. You will get a good self tanning effect even if you shower after four hours but for the best effect wait twelve hours.

If you go to sleep before showering you might get a little color on the sheets--it will wash out. WE RECOMMEND PUTTING LOOSE FITTING COTTON SOCKS ON YOUR HANDS TO SLEEP. This may sound silly but it will stop you from inadvertently touching yourself in the night and getting self tanner on the palms of your hands.


How BRONZE do you want to be?